Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Leverage the marketing power of social media and popular social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Interact with your current customers daily. Connect with new customers. Increase brand awareness and loyalty. Build a community of active and engaged followers.

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Social Media Marketing,
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Effective Social Media Generates Results

Social media and content marketing (sometimes called inbound marketing) are key components in growing your business through increased brand awareness and loyalty in the digital world today. However, to be successful and produce increased profits, a social media campaign needs to first create a social community of interested and engaged customers.

Here at Cybermill, our social media consultants start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, customer base and current social media initiatives. We begin monitoring online chatter about your brand, product, services and company to understand how you're being perceived in the social media sphere and gauge what's happening relative to your brand. From this work, we gather qualitative data such as customer feedback, and quantitative data such as traffic data and analytics from the key social media outlets. We use this data to guide your competitive strategy.

As a part of your team, we work with you to develop social media strategies and content marketing strategies that support your overall marketing strategies and business goals. This includes the selection of appropriate outlets/platforms, developing messaging and preparing timelines to publish relevant, engaging content on a regular, ongoing basis.

Through Social Media Marketing You Can Build Your Online Brand.

Content marketing allows you to create a sustainable competitive advantage and differentiate yourself from your competition, while driving customer acquisition (increasing sales leads) and enhancing retention (strengthening brand loyalty).

Our social media marketing consultants work with our customers to develop and implement content marketing programs to create the relevant content your audience wants and wants to share with others. We can produce and execute programs for B2B and B2C clients including the following:

  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content copy writing — news articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies, e-books, e-newsletters, web site and microsite content, etc.
  • Email marketing pieces
  • Podcasts and videos
  • Webinar presentations and slideshows

Public Relations also known as PR is also an essential element in a comprehensive marketing strategy along with branding, web site, search (organic and pay-per-click), content and social media.

By listening to your various audiences, sharing your unique stories, building connections, enhancing your reputation, strengthening your influence and building loyalty, digital public relations can contribute significantly to your marketing efforts and business goals in measurable ways.

Get serious about your social media marketing, content marketing and PR. Partner with Cybermill Interactive today.

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